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Tethered hot air balloon for

A tethered hot air balloon ride refers to when a balloon is secured to the ground by several points and allowed to rise 50-75 feet above the ground. Additionally, as you might expect, a tethered balloon attracts A LOT of attention, and is a great way to celebrate birthdays, family reunions, or special events.

Tethered hot air balloon for
Business Clients

As mentioned above, a tethered hot air balloon gets noticed in a BIG way. A tethered balloon is an outstanding means to advertise a store opening, celebrate a special event, entertain at an employee picnic, or show off your logo balloon operated by us!

Talk about ATTENTION - think about the lasting image which comes from a tethered balloon at rush hour! Contact us and we will work with you to maximize your exposure and market penetration.

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Hot air balloons are uniquely versatile and can be employed promotionally in many effective ways. Whether on static display at new business openings, conventions, company events, product launches OR in flight over target market areas, rush hour traffic, or key urban public events, your company's presence cannot be missed by tens of thousands of consumers at a time.

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What is the value of a billboard that a consumer wants to photograph or the value of a television commercial consumers want to record? No other media offers this kind or level of appeal. A hot air balloon has a CPM of 5 to 7 times less than any other traditional media type. The corporate Hot Air Balloon exceeds standard advertising and becomes its own special event.